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Is there a difference between skating in roller hockey skates and inline skates?

Ik there is a break on the inlines I just wanna know if you have to skate different in the roller hockey ones compared to the inlines?

Another answerer seems to be confused. Most roller hockey IS played on inline skates.
You also do not "have to pick up your foot and set it down in the direction you want to go" in order to turn.

Most inline skates are recreational/fitness skates, come with a brake, and are intended to be stable at higher speeds than hockey.

Hockey skates are built to protect the feet from hits with various objects and to be able to turn very tight corners (without lifting a foot and repositioning it). Some of them will be rockered or have the ability to be rockered to mimic the curve of an ice skate's blade. Rockering makes the skate less stable in a straight line or at higher speeds but makes it easier to turn sharply or do lunge stops.
Hockey skates do not come with a brake so that it cannot be tripped over or get in the way in tight plays.

No major diffence in skating technique other than hockey players spend most of their time starting and stopping fast and doing tight turns. All of those skills will translate well to rec/fit skating but will not be used often. Hockey skaters really never cruise at higher speeds. If your experiance is in hockey, you are likely to need to work on your basic stride for cruising.

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