Everything you need to know about social casino games

There’s a particularly popular form of mobile and informal games out there that doesn’t tend to combine in the same circles as the others. We’re discussing ‘public Casino Mobile‘ games.

Casino game titles have long occupied their own unique area of the games market, of course – and sensibly so. The form’s close association with gambling by natural means rule out the young ones audience that the videogames industry has historically sold to.

But what we’re talking about this is a new, more casually accessible, and generally ‘safer’ breed. Here’s a short primer on what we and many more are calling social Casino Mobile games.

What kind of game titles are we discussing here?

Just the sort of traditional greeting card and table game titles you’d be prepared to find in your average casino. Think poker and other card, Mobile slots machines, and bingo. Some are adorned with gimmicks or quirks, but generally speaking there’s little to differentiate social casino video games from real casino game titles in terms of pure mechanics.

So what’s the difference here?

The main element thing that differentiates interpersonal Mobile slots game titles from traditional casino game titles – both physical and digital – is rather fundamental. The participant isn’t bets with real cash. More details here: https://www.innovecs.com/ideas-portfolio/social-casino-games-trends-2017/

Do the games themselves cost any money?

No, not generally. They are so-called ‘freemium’ encounters that can be downloaded and enjoyed at no cost whatsoever from the App Store and Google Play Store.

So how do they make their money?

Similarly to how most regular modern Smartphone video games monetize – through in-app acquisitions. Players spend small quantities of real cash on packs of additional online chips when planning on taking part in more (and often higher stakes) games.

Aha! So it continues to be betting

Technically yes… however in practice not necessarily. At least, only every other freemium Mobile slots game. It’s just that the whole gambling mechanic is located forward and centre rather than buried beneath traditional game playing mechanics.

You still have a tendency to get given free chips that can be played with on a daily basis, and also as an incentive for doing things such as playing a number of certain hands, starting up to Facebook, or even just watching a promotional

On a more overtly gamey level, we’ve famous brands Shuffle Cats from Chocolate Crush Saga designer King. It’s a tweaked game of Rummy, with the added interest of anthropomorphic pet cats and bonus modifiers. This one’s especially moreish, and there is no betting element to it – which means despite being truly a credit card game it’s doubtful whether it qualifies for the ‘communal casino game’ tag.

At the contrary end of the spectrum you have Mobile slots game games, which don’t offer much in the form of gaming technicians, but prove a huge draw among everyday thrill-chasers

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