#. Introduction

Before now, everyone hoping to play and win money on the slot machine had to visit the casino to play. Things have really not remained the same with the invention of mobile phones and tablets of varying screen sizes and operating systems, with these gadgets one can now  enjoy the bursts and excitement of playing the bandits on your mobile or tablet from anywhere with internet access!

It is worthy to note also at this point that the moblie slots affords the player a plethora of games to choose from, with some of them having large jackpots for the taking. And some players have been recorded to have won millions of dollars just from playing the slots on their mobile phones. So if you have contemplating which phone to buy, then proceed to subsequent paragraphs in this piece.

# Operating system

It is important to have at the back of your mind that out there are several operating systems running different phones, with some being smarter and more compatible with the gaming slots. Among these operating systems are  IOS running apple phones, Android running android phones and windows operating system running microsoft phones.Hence when choosing which phone to buy its important to consider what operating system you want your phone to run on. All these operating systems provide sharp and proven functionality for internet browsing and you should have no hitch selecting from them to run mobile slot websites from a decent handset running any of them

# Mobile apps

 This is another way of accessing the slot games from the mobile phone, these gaming apps will help ypu boycott the the use of the website to access the slot. Some of those operating systems so selected have very sharp apps in their app stores to choose from.

In terms of available applications all 3 systems have a dedicated app store. The Apple and Android stores are well developed and any mobile casino worth their salt is going to develop apps for these 2 platforms. Windows was slow to the apps market, and although it is catching up fast, there is a smaller choice of mobile slots apps to download from the Windows store.

# screen sizes

 Playing the slot can be alot more fun or boring depending on the screen size of the choice phone. Mobile phones with screen sizes ranging from 4 1/2 & above have proven to offer a great degree of convenience to the player. In effect, you should choose a mobile phone with a large enough screen size and your gaming experience will be alot more fun. Read more.

# Wifi & Data

No doubt to access a casino on your mobile you will need some way to access the internet. Access to the internet can only be granted if you have a wifi connection to tap from or you have to strike a deal with your network provider to subsribe to a monthly data plan with 3G or 4G, the later is faster. Thus, the choice of mobile phone must be that with a atleast 3G enabled internet connection.

– In brief

 The choice of phone for a mobile slot must be such that have strong onternet connection of atleats 3G, a wide-enough screen, smart operating system and an app store with downloadable apps for the slots. 

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